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Welcome to the Team Page of
Team Elijah

Team Elijah Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $1,000.00
Total Raised: $2,113.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 50
Members Recruited: 55

Join Elijah's Gang!

Join Elijah's Gang and help us roundup more friends to help support the cause of autism awareness with Team Elijah's 5th annual Outrunning Autism 5K!

Team Members:
Total Raised$2,113.00  
General Team Donation$50.00  
Lydia Winters$762.50  
   Stephanie Anderson$25.00  
   Felipe Balderas$0.00  
   Jennifer Board$55.00  
   Joni Bottorff$100.00  
   Amanda Christman$0.00  
   CAMRYN CLARK$35.00  
   DORIAN CLARK$35.00  
   Roger Dotsey$25.00  
   Sarah Dotsey$25.00  
   Michelle downs$0.00  
   Bailey Fisher$25.00  
   Cheryl Fisher$25.00  
   Dennis Fisher$10.00  
   Gary Fisher$25.00  
   Gracie Fisher$10.00  
   Amber Fusner$10.00  
   Lindsay Fusner$25.00  
   Matt Fusner$25.00  
   Taylor Fusner$10.00  
   Windy Fusner$25.00  
   Kayla Hunter$0.00  
   Cheryl McCall$35.00  
   Jeffrey McCall$35.00  
   Jessica McCall$35.00  
   Debbie Nunnely$100.00  
   Dennis Pollard$25.00  
   Jackie Pollard$25.00  
   Linda Pollard$25.00  
   Macy Pollard$10.00  
   Patrick Pollard$25.00  
   Carla Purvis$22.50  
   Tommy Purvis$25.50  
   Lana Riddle$75.00  
   Brooke Sale$25.00  
   kathy stone$25.00  
   David Traylor$0.00  
   Krysten Traylor$0.00  
   Kelly Underwood $35.00  
   Dakota Wasylina$0.00  
   Ben Winters$22.50  
   Elijah Winters$9.00  
   Hartley Winters$22.50  
   Jenni Winters$25.00  
   Julianna Winters$9.00  
   Kathy Winters$22.50  
   Kurtis Winters$22.50  
   Liz Winters$22.50  
   Millie Winters$0.00  
   Naomi Winters$9.00  
   Nathan Winters$65.00  
   Zaylee Winters$0.00  
   Zeke Winters$9.00  
   Zoe Winters$9.00  
   Don Wright$40.00  

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